CPB’s road march program in Sarishabari


Sarishabari correspondent :

The Jamalpur branch of Bangladesh Communist Party (CPB) organized a road march in Sarishabari of Jamalpur to protest against the price hike of daily necessary commodities and communal attacks.

On Monday afternoon, on the second day of the two-day road march of the Jamalpur branch of the Communist Party of Bangladesh, they held human chain and road march programs at different places in Sarishabari.

The speakers at human chain demanded a reduction of the price of daily necessities and strongly protested against the recent communal attacks in Bangladesh.

President of the Jamalpur CPB Mazharul Haque Muza, Acting General Secretary Maruf Ahmed Manik, former President Ali Akkas, President of the Jamalpur Youth Union Engineer Mahbub Zaman Jewel, Shipon Hridoy, Virendra Chandra Gop and Altaf Hossain were present in the human chain.