Successful Saga of Entrepreneur Monowar Hosan


Sazedur Abedin Santo:
Now-a-days the business of T-shirts in our country has already become a very profitable business, that’s why the most of the young are showing interest in this business as it can be launched with a small capital.

Many of them have notably got successful after being an entrepreneur of T-shirt busniss, here the story of a successful entrepreneur is depicted for the readers.

Monowar Hosan, son of Anwar Hossain of Ramchandrapur of Pabna district who has been studying in Textile Engineering Department of Pabna College.

Monowar is from a business family, being encouraged by his father he started this with took 2 lakh taka in January, 2020 said his father.

T-shirts produced in his factory are sold as wholesale or retail in the local market of Pabna. He later sold his manufactured t-shirts in online. To do this, he opened an e-commerce website. Online and through Facebook pages, he spread his T-shirts all over the country. He also sells Wholesale-retail through online. His online e-commerce website is Toolpo .com And Facebook page Monowoar Hosan T-shirt house.

Monowar Hosan customizes his business to suit the needs of the buyers. He also took orders for T-shirts through his Facebook page. Then according to that demand, he designs and delivers it to the buyers. Learning graphics design, he himself designs the T-shirts according to the preferences of the buyers. So graphics design does not cost extra. In just a few days, his e-commerce site Tulpo has become the largest T-shirt e-commerce site in the country.

Monowar Hosan said, “Our dress code has changed day by day. Nowadays boys and girls wear many kinds of clothes, among them T-shirts are widely known as comfortable and stylish backers. Nowadays boys as well as girls also wear T-shirts. The demand for T-shirts is increasing day by day. So I thought and gave the T-shirt factory. At first I confirmed the trade license for business management. The T-shirt business is a smart business. There is no problem in this business. With little capital, the face of profit can be seen in a short time Business. I invested 2 lakh taka and earned about 10 lakh taka in just one year selling T-shirts. ‘

There is a lot of demand for T-shirts in Bangladesh. There is also a demand for customized t-shirts. Now-a-days no event or event can be frozen without a customized t-shirt. The use of customized t-shirts is increasing day by day. Customized T-Shirts are not available everywhere so he has launched an online page and an e-commerce site. He is selling T-shirts through websites and online pages according to local and foreign style, own design and buyers’ demand.

Monowar Hosan’s father Md. Anwar Hossain said, ‘When my son asked me for money to start a new business, I did not agree at first. I thought it was a waste of money! Or you can do business! There were all kinds of thoughts. But listening his business conditions and purposes, I thought I would give money. Later I gave about 2 lakhs taka to start his business. By the grace of Allah, my son has become successful in just one year. He has so far sold a vest worth of 10 lakh taka. I am proud as a father of my son being successful entrepreneur as well as study. Everyone will pray for my son as if he is one of the future well-known entrepreneur.

Monowar wants his factory products to be exported abroad one day. He thinks you can be successful only if you have patience and hard work. As well as study, Monowar is very happy to be able to set up a factory. He is proud to manage 5 more peoples employed. His will is his factory it will be bigger one day. There will be employment for more people. To the youth, Monowar’s advice is that the educated youth of the country should study as well as invest less to do something. Only then the wheel of the country’s economy will move and economy of our country will be self-reliant.