Santoshpur UP Chairman launches free oxygen service


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu from Chitalmari Upazila in Bagerhat:

Beauty Akhter, Chairman of Santoshpur Union Parishad No. 6 in Chitalmari Upazila, has launched a free oxygen supply service on her own initiative.

She inaugurated the oxygen service at the Santoshpur Union Parishad meeting room on Wednesday by handing over oxygen cylinders, medical masks, hand sanitizers and other necessary equipments to the Union Parishad members and watchmen(Chowkidar).

In this regard, the Union Parishad Chairman Beauty Akhter said, “I have bought oxygen cylinders and necessary equipments and masks and hand sanitizers from my own funds so that no one dies or suffers from oxygen deprivation due to covid infection.” Anyone who needs oxygen will be able to receive this oxygen for free. She said that the cylinders would be delivered to the patient’s house by the council’s own ambulance as soon as the need is arisen.

The chairman further said that the ambulance of her council is also ready for 24 hours patient service. She said that anyone in the upazila can avail this service at any time at a low cost by calling the ambulance driver’s mobile number 01707-080399.