Interfaith Dialogue with Women Religious Leaders held in Cox’s Bazar


Promote Environmental Awareness and Climate Action

Cox’s Bazar Correspondent:
To encourage climate action and environmental awareness, Initiatives for Bangladesh organized a community visioning summit in collaboration with Goldin Institute at Cox’s Bazar Model Women’s Kamil (Hon’s-Masters) Madrasa on March 2, 2024.

Ms. Farah Naj Jahan, an alumnus of the Goldin Institute and co-founder of Initiatives for Bangladesh, and Ananda Kumar Biswas, a Rotary Positive Peace Activator and Alumnus of Goldin Institute, jointly hosted this event.

This initiative aims to increase the influence and leadership of women at the intersection of faith and climate change because Southeast Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar is a coastal area that frequently experiences landslides and cyclones.

Delay in climate mitigation action and investment poses a serious threat to Bangladesh’s coastal population and the estimated one million Rohingya refugees it is currently hosting. And women are physically and mentally more vulnerable than men to the effects of climate change. Two hours of discussion included explaining the dialogue for women, amplifying women’s voices on climate action, and strengthening collaboration and forging collaborations between religious adherents and committed individuals and women leaders, civil society groups, and human rights organizations on climate change issues.

Dr. Muhammad Nurul Absar, Vice Principal (in-charge), Cox’s Bazar Model Women’s Kamil (hon’s- masters) Madrasa and President of Bangladesh Muslim, Hindu, Buddha, and Christian Sompriti Parishad, was presented here. He said, “It is Allah Who has made for you the earth as a resting place, and the sky as a canopy, has given you shape, made your shapes beautiful, and has provided for you sustenance.” (Quran, 40:64).

He encouraged the women religious leaders to take initiatives to protect nature for environmental sustainability and spread out this message to promote recycling in their communities.

A woman religious leader added, “The true servants of the most compassionate are those who walk on the earth humbly” (Quran, 25:63). She also joined a group activity where young women religious leaders planned to convert waste into reusable material.

“World would be better if you follow our religious rules and regulations, We have to concern about our act towards the environment” Farah Naj Jahan

“Small Steps will turn into big change, so, we do some action to mitigate the climate change adverse impact”. Ananda Kumar Biswas

Professor Absar was giving his closing remarks, he expressed his wish to build a sustainable environment through the support of the young women’s religious leaders to create a peaceful and harmonious Bangladesh. These priceless insights enabled us to work more sanely for climate justice in Cox’s Bazar district.