58,000 Hijras get benefit under safety net program in 11 years


Under the social safety net program, the number of beneficiaries of the Hijra community stands at more than 58, 000 in the last 11 years, said in an official release.

From the financial year 2012-13 to 2022-23, as many as 11, 842 Hijra students have received education stipend at the monthly rates of Taka 700 at the primary level, Tk 800 at the secondary level, Tk 1000 at the higher secondary level and Tk 1200 at the higher level.

At this time, 22, 451 Hijras aged 50 years or above received special allowance at the rate of 600 taka per month.

In the last 11 years, 16,780 Hijras have been provided skill development vocational training under the social safety net program of the government.

Of them, a total of 7,410 Hijras have been given one-time post-training financial support of Tk 10,000, the release added.