Arbour in abandoned refrigerators


Mostafizur Rahman, Sarishabari: Roknozzaman Sumon (40), a young man from Shimlapalli Purba Para village of Jamalpur’s Sarishabari municipal council, has made a green garden in a ruined and abandoned refrigerator.

Sumon is a refrigerator repairman by profession. He has been interested in preserving saplings of various trees since childhood. Some of the new plans revolve around trees that are at the center of interest. He built the shade of the trees in 5 percent of his hometown.

It can be seen on the ground that there are 100 species of saplings in 5 percent of Sumon’s homes. When the number of trees grows little by little, he comes up with the idea of ​​using the broken and abandoned refrigerator as a tub. Talking to Sumon, it is known that at first he used to collect trees as a hobby. Later, after selling the seedlings and earning extra money, he planned an indoor plant.

Sumon said the tub in the fridge is very useful in maintaining the balance of the environment. When broken refrigerators are sold in bhangari shops, only tin is useful. The accompanying plastic waste is harmful to the environment. He has a lot of experience using this management for three years. In light of that experience, he said, the cockshit inside the refrigerator holds water for much longer. As a result, the roots also get water. Applying water and fertilizer makes it long lasting.

Sumon said that besides repairing the refrigerator , he earns 25,000 to 30,000 taka per month from this indoor plant. Not only as a tree tub, he also cultivates fish by closing the holes in the refrigerator . He also farms 12 species of fish that can be kept in aquariums in abandoned refrigerator for sale. People in the area are also following his method and producing trees and fish in the abandoned refrigerator Sumon said, ‘The amount of refrigerators that are wasted and abandoned in our country every day can be collected and used as a tree tub. Then we don’t have to go out to look for green, green cities will be built in brick buildings in our own city. ‘

Sarishabari Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun said that a beautiful environment is essential for a good life. Sumon has taken very useful steps to protect the environment with an abandoned and damaged refrigerator without any harm to the environment. If this initiative of Sumon spreads all over the country, the environment will be saved from disaster.

Sarishabari Upazila Nirbahi Officer Shihab Uddin Ahmed said, “Sumon’s ceremony of green in the broken refrigerator is a shining example.” The upazila administration will provide all possible assistance to Sumon