A man arrested for trying to rape a child


Sahidul Islam Nirab:
Police have arrested a man on charges of trying to rape a nine-year-old girl in Jamalpur’s Sarishabari.
The rapist Abdul Aziz, 55, was arrested from Hiranya Bari village in Mahadan union of the upazila on Wednesday night.

The child’s father filed a case against the rapist Abdul Aziz under the Women and Child Abuse Act with Sarishabari Police Station on Wednesday evening.

According to the case sources, the plaintiff’s neighbour Abdul Aziz (55) of Hiranya Bari village in Mahadan union of the upazila. On Friday, October 2, at 11 o’clock, Abdul Aziz called the child to show the picture on his mobile phone. He called the child, stripped her naked in his living room and tried to rape her.

When the child screamed at that time, the lustful Aziz released him and threatened the child to keep the incident a secret. Abdul Aziz will kill if he tells anyone about this incident. The child later went to his own home and kept the incident a secret.

After 13 days the incident, the child’s other playmate (7) found out and told the people of the house. The child’s father filed a case against Abdul Aziz at Sarishabari police station on Wednesday evening. Police arrested Aziz from his home on Wednesday night. Police sent him to jail on Thursday morning.

Sarishabari police investigation officer Rashedul Islam said the child’s father had filed a case. Accused Abdul Aziz has been arrested and sent to jail.