Queen Silvia takes pride in her family


Queen Silvia takes pride in her family, particularly Princess Estelle, who follows in her mother Crown Princess Victoria’s footsteps in the line of succession. In “Royal House 2023,” the Swedish royal family’s past year is documented, showcasing Crown Princess Victoria’s travels to Australia, New Zealand, and Georgia.

Queen Silvia expresses her pride in her family, highlighting Princess Estelle’s curiosity, warmth, and intelligence. She emphasizes the importance of blending warmth and intelligence, praising both Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle for embodying this balance.

When standing before an image of the three generations – King Carl XVI Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria, and Princess Estelle – Queen Silvia expresses her pride, saying, “A beautiful family, isn’t it? A family that I am very proud of. Not just the king but also the crown princess, and, of course, little Princess Estelle, who is a very exciting young lady. She is curious, cute, endearing, has a big heart and warmth, but is also wise. It’s a wonderful combination.” Queen Silvia continues to express her pride in being both a grandmother and a great-grandmother, reflecting on the family’s journey since 1976.

Believing that the sentiments are shared by many in the Swedish population, Queen Silvia states, “It’s a feeling I think we share with many in the Swedish population, who have their own families and hopes and wishes for their children. They wish well and aim to provide them with an important and good future. So, I believe we all have that in common.”

Reflecting on the documentary, Queen Silvia mentions, “The documentary felt much happier than other aspects of life, and I thought of sharing it with others. Happy New Year, and enjoy your life together with your family and friends.”

Writer: Rahman Mridha, Former Director at Pfizer, Sweden.
Email: [email protected]