PM for exploring sustainable strategy to expedite country’s development


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the engineers to take the pro-people, pro-environment, cost-effective, suitable and sustainable strategy and plans to quicken country’s development.

“Devise the strategy through discussion to foster the country’s development so we can take the country forward towards prosperity,” she said while addressing as the chief guest the 61st convention of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

IEB Dhaka Centre organised the programme with the main theme “Engineering and Technology for Smart Bangladesh” on IEB headquarters premises here.

The prime minister asked the engineers to take environment friendly plans to protect Bangladesh from the adverse impact of the climate change.

“We should keep in mind that we always have to face drought, flood and flow-tide,” she said.

She also called upon the engineers to take sustainable, cost-effective and suitable plans to benefit the country and its people.

“We have to take plans in such a way from which the people will get benefit, the country will get return or income and off- course, the plans will be suitable for Bangladesh,” she added.

The premier called for not taking any plan for “only the purpose of construction and commission”.

“I will not approve if any such plan comes to me. I will only take into consideration the benefit of the country and its people,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina reiterated her cal to the engineers not to take any such plan for development which requires filling water bodies such haor, beel and ponds.

“If necessary, we will build expressway. The vehicles will ply the expressway while vessels under the expressway,” she said.

Recalling the engineers’ contribution to the country’s development, she said her government will consider the logical demands of engineers after scrutiny.

The prime minister also handed over awards including gold medal and certificates to different levels of engineers, centre, sub-centre, engineering division and graduates of AMIE examination.

IEB President Eng Md Abdus Sabur, its General Secretary Eng SM Monjurul Haque Monju and IEB Dhaka Centre Chairman Eng Mohammad Hossain and its General Secretary Eng Md Nazrul Islam, also spoke at the function.

An audio-visual presentation on the contribution of the engineers to country’s development as well as protection of its environment was screened as theme song marking the IEB’s 61st convention was played at the function.