A Call for Change in Global Leadership


Leadership in today’s world often feels like an empty concept without real guidance. Leaders should embody humanity, integrity, and responsibility, yet these qualities often seem absent. They issue orders, but who is really listening? People are becoming increasingly disillusioned, realizing that leadership alone does not guarantee positive change for themselves or their families. Wars rage on, with leaders distributing weapons to kill one another; diplomatic solutions seem ineffective. It appears that war is the only focus, with everything else forgotten. If this is the reality, then my question is: what are the UN and all the world’s diplomats and politicians doing?

Globally, there is a sense of awakening among the people. They refuse to tolerate the unacceptable. Change is no longer desired; it is demanded.

Whose voice will break the silence and resonate like a bell around a cat’s neck? The answer lies with the people—the once foolish masses who now discern sincerity from deceit.

Love has turned to bitterness due to exploitation, oppression, and abuse. The will to resist simmers within them, but the art of protest has been forgotten.
Leadership exists but is elusive. The global stage is crowded with figures focused on personal power rather than progress.

While ordinary citizens struggle, the mighty live in luxury, oblivious to the growing discontent.

Our world yearns for true democracy, not chaos, corruption, and violence masquerading as democracy.

Humanity must reclaim its dignity by resisting corruption and tyranny. We are agents of change, shaping our own destiny.

Let us revive the spirit of resistance, harness collective power, and forge a future of integrity, humility, and commitment to the common good.

Rahman Mridha, former executive, Pfizer, Sweden. [email protected]