Musician Darshan Patil enhances his skills in the field of Music and Digital Marketing


News Desk:
Darshan Patil an Indian Musician and Artist, a 17-year teenager was earlier known for the field of writing and publishing articles.

He started his journey from learning on youtube and completed his Digital Marketing Course. He took interest in freelance journalism and publishing.

He worked continuously on different news and information sources such as Wikipedia, Medium, Airtract, and much more.

Later, he thought to establish something own kind of network.

So he started the News Website called Factdarshan Times, a leading online news website that covered many entrepreneurs and music artists.

The website also covered the local to international news stories to give them a good platform.

From this idea, Darshan Patil got motivated because his website was ranked so fast in the google news and search console. He invested a lot of time in the website, changed his publishing platform, searched for good domains, etc.

Through this journey, he got a massive reputation in the field of publishing.

Darshan Patil was born on 24 May 2003 in the Patil family, His father Vikas Santosh Patil is an Indian Politician and teacher. from the schooling period, he was interested in singing classical songs, prayers, practicing Bollywood music, etc.

Bollywood actor Bhushan Shimpi used to train him in classical singing as he was also an allrounder artist. So, Patil thought to do much more in the field of music.

He started to sing the cover songs of Bollywood music, tried to learn how the music is made?

He has published his own beats on the music streaming platforms. He is a verified musician on all music and audio platforms.

At this young age, he learned many things from his journey, and the consistency to get continuous knowledge from the internet field makes him a Successful Musician and Artist.