A talented Content Creator Masud Khan


Sazedur Abedin santo
What would an 8 year old boy like to do in a country like Bangladesh in 2018? Most of the North would play with toys at home, but an 8-year-old boy living in the country at the time would listen to Guru James’s songs and sing his own songs in his spare time. And, who knew that this eight-year-old boy would become one of the greatest musicians and entrepreneurs in his country and time?

Yes, you are right, I am talking about Musician, Musical Artist, Entrepreneur and Content Creator Masud Khan of MK Media band. People know him by the name of “youngsters Musician- Masud Khan”.

Masud Khan was born on January 1, 1996. He started playing music with Kit Guitar when he was only 8 years old. In an interview, he says that at one time he was unable to buy a Uk guitar, so he took his kit to a guitar music shop and converted it into a uk guitar for 500 rupees at that time.

From the age of 21, he played in 3 bands. He released his solo music kolpona at the age of 18. If Masud Khan never feels anything on her own or doesn’t feel anything from a very close person, she can’t write lyrics about it. Masud’s Brother once asked her how much money she gets from making this music. In reply, Masud Khan said, “I don’t get any money, the peace of mind I get is a lot. In her personal life, Masud Khan is an “Entrepreneur” but he prefers to introduce herself as a Musician. Other things that Masud Khan likes most about her fans are her personality and sense of humor and her thoughts. Once a person came from far away to meet him. But could not meet. Later that person was posting on social media, he was coming to meet me but he couldn’t. Later Masud Khan noticed his post and one day he invited him for lunch and met him. Also, this living legend is a very positive thinking person, not easily worried. The main thing for him is to be able to enjoy life well.

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