Istiak Ahmed Sourav, an apt Entrepreneur of Bangladesh


Picture of Istiak Ahmed Sourav
Sahidul Islam Nirab:
Istiak Ahmed Sourav, a youthful Entrepreneur, Tech enthusiast, Web & Graphic designer from Bangladesh. He was born on 27, August 2001 in Sarishabari of Jamalpur district & grew up there. Father Sultan Mahmud and mother Ismat Ara. Since early on, he had an alternate tendency towards technology and innovation. At only 15 years of age, he began creating abilities in Web design & Graphic design. Sourav completed PEC, JSC, SSC with unique excellence. He will give HSC exam in 2022.

Istiak Ahmed Sourav began his freelancing career in the local marketplace at an extremely young age and has been exceptionally successful. He generally thought about how to set up a unique business. Only at 19 years old, he set up a digital agency known as “BrandMoshai”.
BrandMoshai is a digital agency that offers a wide range of solutions ranging from branding to digital marketing, web design and development, and business ideas. There are many startup companies in Bangladesh which are not able to attract people properly due to proper branding. BrandMoshai offers solutions that make it easy for small startups to start a business. Not only this, BrandMoshai help you to find a beautiful brandable domain name that perfectly suits your business.

Sourav said, “The start is rarely simple. All things considered, nobody from my family prevented me from doing this. They were pleased with me. I had a unique love for innovation, which isn’t generally found in everybody.

When I was 13, I didn’t have a smartphone or a computer. There was a Java phone, in which I generally googled and regularly learned new things. Around then I made a website for myself with that Java phone. Later smartphone & computer came to me and the degree of expertise improvement expanded. I had an alternate tendency towards web and graphic design. Thus, I began my ability advancement with graphic & web design. I generally googled or watched video tutorials on youtube if I faced any problem.

From the start, a different spirit was work for me. I do believe, there is no shortcut to success, you have to work hard to succeed. Different obstacles will come, if I stop, I will lose.”

Sourav said, Many of us are wasting our time & energy on social medias. If time could be invested in knowing or learning something new, many would probably go far beyond their dreams. There are currently billions of free online resources. Learning has become a lot more easier than before.

He said, “It is possible to master all the beautiful skills by thinking and trying outside the circle. Everyone knows what the current job situation is like. If you have skills, you don’t have to run for a job. You can start your own business or you can build a beautiful career in outsourcing/freelancing.”