Do Something Foundation distributes 100 water tanks among coastal people


Do Something Foundation, a social service organization run by doctors and medical students, has distributed one hundred of water tanks among the people in Sundarban coastal areas in Satkhira on Saturday (November 26).

Jakir Hossain, a representative of the foundation said that there is water all around but there is no suitable water to drink in the coastal area.

After observing this situation, Do Something Foundation has taken this initiative to provide water tanks as the people can preserve rain water during monsoon for use in dry season, he added.

Fatema Bibi, a beneficiary who received a water tank, said “Walking a long distance in a day for collecting water for daily use is a very common trend in our life. My father can’t do it anymore as he is 70 years old now. “

“We have to spend Almost a day behind this . We can not get any longer time to do other tasks. We can not reserve water in reservoir due to lack of water tank,” she added.

Fatema Bibi is very happy now to get a thousand liter tank as a cost of free to stockpile water. Financially, solvent people used to stock water in monsoon season for a whole year. But poor people can not afford to buy water tank to reserve water for drinking .

During the distribution of water tanks, volunteers of the organization Shahudul Hasan, Bulbul, Masum among others were present.

The volunteers of Do Something Foundation selected 00 ultra-poor people from the area of Gabura, Padmapukur, Burigoalini, Munshiganj, Kaikhali, Ramzannagar and Khunnar in the district.