Corona new variant Omicron creates threat


Main Uddin Ahmed, New York Correspondent

Omicron, the latest variant of Corona virus, is creating threat which was already detected in every state of the Unites States.
United Airlines of America already cancelled more than one hundred flights due to Omicron.
Spread of this new variant of Covid-19 already began to create fear among the people and most of them now hesitate to go out of home. Authorities concerned are also trying to measure the intensity of the new threat of the virus.
People, yet to take the booster shot, are being seen standing in queue in front of various medical facilities in New York to take the booster shot of Corona vaccine.
All fear thinking possibility of a new shutdown but the fear is based on assumption fully.
All were instructed to lay emphasis on use of mask and remain careful about the deadly Omicron. Persons not agreed to use mask while entering somewhere will be fined, it was warned.
The photo with the news shows that people in a long queue are taking booster shot of Corona vaccine at a temporary facility at Jackson Heights Roosevelt Avenue subway station. The photo was taken by Main Uddin Ahmed.