UP Election: 7 candidates with boat symbol win in Chitalmari


MD. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu, Chitalmari Bagerhat:

In the Union Parishad elections held in Chitalmari Upazila on Monday, September 20, all the 7 candidates who received the boat symbol of Bangladesh Awami League have been elected unofficially for the post of chairman (in vote and unopposed).

According to the declared result, unofficially elected Chairmen in 7 unions of the upazila are Md. Masud Sardar in Barbaria Union Parishad No. 1, Md. Badsha Mia in Kalatla Union Parishad No. 2, Kazi Abu Sahin in Hizla Union Parishad No. 3, Md. Oliuzzaman Jewel Khalifa in Shibpur Union Parishad No. 4, Md. Nizam Uddin Sheikh in Chitalmari Union Parishad No.5, Archana Devi Baral (Jharna) in Union Parishad No.6 and Samia Rahman Beauty (Beauty Akhter) in Santoshpur Union Parishad No.7.

Among them, Archana Devi Baral (Jharna) in Charbaniyari Union, Samia Rahman Beauty in Santoshpur Union, Oliuzzaman Jewel Khalifa in Shibpur Union and Kazi Abu Sahin in Hijla Union have been elected unopposed as they were the lone candidates in their respective unions.

On the other hand, Md. Nizam Uddin Sheikh in Chitalmari Sadar Union, Md. Masud Sardar in Barabaria and Badsha Mia in Kalatala Union have won contesting in the election.