Russia’s victory ensured by people’s unity, fighters’ heroism, defense sector — Putin


Russia’s victory is unavoidable, it is based on the unity of the Russian people, the heroism of special operation fighters and the operation of the military-industrial complex (MIC), Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his visit to the Obukhov State Plant (an Almaz-Antey subsidiary) Wednesday.

The head of state noted that the Russian military-industrial complex produces as many air defense missiles as all world producers combined. In addition, Putin noted a number of other components that assure him of Russia’s victory.

“From the standpoint of the end result and victory, which is unavoidable, there are several things that have not gone anywhere and that lie at the foundation of our victory. It is the unity and solidarity of the Russian people, the bravery and heroism of our fighters in the special military operation and on the frontline, and, of course, the operation of the military-industrial complex, of enterprises such as yours,” he said, noting the contribution of the factory’s workers and the economy in general.

“Each of these links – the industry; the condition of state finances; the social sphere, including support to the families that require special attention from the state; healthcare – all this creates a foundation for our efficient development and victory. It is ensured. I have no doubts about that,” Putin added.