Shongram: Film discussion by Shaila Simi Nur


Our struggle of 1971 was the struggle for liberation…. the struggle for freedom. On December first this year, I watched the movie “Shongram”.

Shongram, was released in 2013, which was Munsur Ali’s first ever movie and has a great appeal to all the awakened hearts that will be applicable to all Bangladeshis beyond timebound.

Whenever there is war, the light of truth is revealed in the heart of all. I smelled a piece of country soil there. break down in tears whenever I see film on the liberation war.

The success of the name of the movie Shongram has been revealed, because the post-war condition is evident there regarding ‘War child’ issue.

The question of a BIRONGONA, woman’s survival with self-respect has been thrown out of the society. The drama and tension of the last part of the film reminded me of the film’s ideology of the classic sixties. There are lessons to be learned from the duality of being a citizen of two countries.

Shaila Simi Nur.

There is a demand to make all the people of the world one nation. There was continuity in the story, and there was an honesty in the management and in the story, which is directly understood as the intention of the director.

I had no trouble understanding the impact of storyteller, director Mansur Ali’s love for his country and honesty, although he grew up abroad.

However, the film was made in 2013 and it was Munsur Ali’s first film…InshAllah, in the future, he will work with more effective strategies. And Arman Parvez the National Award-winning actor, always has something special to deliver.

Dilruba Yasmeen Ruhee has acted very fairly. She did justice to her character. Mr. Anupam Kher is one of my favorite actors…also greetings to Amaan Reza. All the best for the team. We are aware of all the obstacles that come with working from the UK to Bangladesh. I pray that the whole world will work together as one.