People aged 25 yrs start registering for COVID-19 vaccines


Dailynewsun Report:

Bangladeshi people aged 25 years have started registering for COVID-19 vaccines on from Thursday since it was opened after a government decision.

As part of intensifying the nationwide inoculation drive, the government has decided to lower the minimum age by five years as such now people aged 25 years and above are allowed to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

“The authorities fixed 30 years as minimum age for receiving coronavirus vaccines on July 19 and today we have set minimum age 25 years to receive coronavirus vaccines,” said Dr Md Shamsul Haque, Line Director of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health under Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

In early July, the age limit was reduced to 35 years from 40 years, the DGHS sources said.

People aged 55 and above were only eligible for taking vaccines but the decision has been revised a day after launching of the countrywide COVID-19 vaccination campaign on February 7 this year.