Bangladeshi project receives int’l award for introducing SIM registration in Biometric system


Dailynewsun Desk:

Bangladesh has won the ‘World Summit on Information Society- WSIS Winner Award-2021’ for introducing SIM registration process in biometric system. The project is initiated and supervised by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP) project is supervised by BTRC and executed by top line ICT service provider “Synesis IT Limited” which provides comprehensive technical support, from the creation of international standard software to the implementation and maintenance, using all domestic technology, said a press release.

The award was presented at a virtual event hosted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on Tuesday (May 18th). After receiving the award, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Information and Communication Technology and Mustafa Jabbar, Minister for Posts and Telecommunications spoke on the occasion.

The CBVMP project is the winner of the Action Line C-Five category of the World Summit on Information Society WSIS Awards-2021, one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of information technology. The main theme of Action Line C-Five is Building Confidence and Security in use of ICTs. The main goal of the WSIS forum is to bridge the digital divide between rich and poor countries by increasing internet usage in the developing world.

In the WSIS competition government, private, general public, international organizations and various organizations submitted projects as well as WSIS partners also took part in it. Out of a total of 90 projects in different countries, 18 projects in 18 categories were declared final winners. BTRC participated in this competition for the first time this year. The CBVMP project got more than 15,000 votes.

BTRC has come up with the Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP) in collaboration with Synesis IT to protect the general public from various mobile phone crimes. This system of international standards made in full domestic technology has become a role model to the world. Since its inception, CBVMP has been managed, supervised, and maintained with Zero Downtime, by the leading IT company in the country, Synesis IT. At present, its uptime is also above 99.99%. Different organizations have applied to BRTC to inspect the project from different parts of the world to share the experience of the project.

Rupayan Chowdhury, Group CEO, Synesis IT Limited said, “With the tireless work and overall cooperation of every mobile company in the country and under the leadership of BTRC, we have been able to overcome this challenge easily. As a result, CBVMP is a model in the world today. Bangladesh comes first when it comes to mobile identity solutions, which is a matter of pride for us. Also, CBVMP system is our national resource. This is another symbol of our pride and digital Bangladesh capability.”

Aminul Bari Shuvro, General Manager, Synesis IT and Head of Information Technology and Infrastructure, who is in charge of the project implementation and management said, “Relying on a local company for such a nationally important project was undoubtedly a great opportunity for Synesis IT. Synesis IT has tried its best to justify that decision. I would say, CBVMP is a unique example of the success of a public-private partnership project. The successful implementation of the project has been possible due to the initiative and proper guidance of BTRC and the full cooperation of the mobile operators. The biggest example that has been created is that the real goal of Digital Bangladesh can be achieved only through the proper implementation of domestic technology”.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP) project had earlier won the ‘The ITU Telecom World Award 2019 Certificate Appreciation’ for its successful initiative in building a digital Bangladesh.