98 diarrhea patients hospitalized in 1 week in Chitalmari


Md. Kamruzzaman Khan Picklu, Chitalmari, Bagerhat:

Due to a crisis of pure drinking water, drought and extreme heat in Chitalmari of Bagerhat, 98 new diarrhea patients from different villages were admitted to Chitalmari Government Hospital in the span of a week.

As per the report released on Tuesday, 125 liters of pure drinking water and 15 packets of SMC oral saline were distributed among diarrhea patients at Chitalmari Health Complex on Wednesday at 11 am on the initiative of Chitalmari Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md. Liton Ali. Miking with banners is also done at the hospital gate to make the people aware.

At that time Upazila Parishad Chairman Ashok Kumar Baral, Upazila Health Officer Dr Mamun Hasan and many others were present.

Upazila Health Officer Dr. Mamun Hasan said that the doctors are struggling to treat the patients. Patients are being treated on the verandah of the hospital floor as there is no bed in the diarrhea ward. Most of the infected patients are young women as well as adult women.

Although there is a 10-bed diarrhea ward, 98 patients have been treated in the last one week. Due to the arrival of new patients every day, the hospital floor has to be sprayed. But so far there is no shortage of medicines.

He added that the incidence of diarrhea has increased due to the shortage of clean drinking water, drought and extreme heat. However, to prevent diarrhea, he advised to eat more and more watery fruits.