Malta cultivation gaining popularity in Panchagarh


Cultivation of malta on a commercial basis has gained popularity among the farmers in the district as they are getting excellent production in recent years.

The cultivators are happy as they are getting fair prices and bumper production of the juicy fruit.

Torikul Islam, a farmer of Boda upazila, said, “I had a Malta orchard on one acre of land two years ago without spray of pesticide and chemical fertilizers from which I got good result with plenty of Malta fruits in my orchard”. He hoped that he would get about Taka one lakh after selling Malta from his orchard.

Deputy Director of DAE of Panchagarh Md Rias Uddin said that the land of the district is suitable for malta cultivation and the farming has become popular in the district.

The DAE is giving all kinds of modern technology support to the farmers for boosting malta production in the district, he added.

Many small and large malta orchards have been developed in the district after being inspired from the DAE and the cultivation is considered as very profitable, the DD added.