“Marriage registers can play a vital role to stop child marriage”


Bhairab, Kishoreganj:

Marriage registers, government officials, NGO workers, social experts, at an interaction workshop with marriage registers on Child Marriage Prevention Act and their responsibilities to stop child marriage, remarked that marriage registers can play a pivotal role in stopping early marriage.

The workshop was arranged by World Concern Bangladesh on Sunday (04 September 2023) under Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project.

The objectives of the workshop were to intimate about child marriage Act & the role and responsibilities of marriage registers & community leaders of preventing child marriage in society.

Md. Shofiqul Islam, Chairman of Shibpur Union Parishod presided over the program which was attended by the chief guest Md. Musa Miah, Upazila Assistant Agriculture Officer of Bhairab Upazila; Mst: Shimul Akter, Union Member of Shibpur, Md. Hafiz Uddin, Govt.marriage register of Shibpur Union; Md. Masum Miah, Imam of Shibupr Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer, Ensure Protection & Justice; and Nazim Sarkar, Branch Manager, Rural Micro-credit Program & Probir Nocrek Program Officer, FDCS project.

Md. Shofiqul Islam, Chairman of Shibpur Union Parishad presided over the program and said “Early marriage is a common issue now a days. We should work in a team with GO & NGOs to stop child marriage. It is challenging but not impossible. He also requests all marriage registers & Imam to build awareness and say before prayer about the bad effects of child marriage.

Md. Hafiz Uddin Govt. marriage register of Shibpur Union was the special guest said in his speech that child marriage is getting very common and serious issues in Bangladesh. We are trying to follow the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 and Child Marriage Prevention Law 2017.”

“We are also working with Upazila Administration to reduce child marriage from community level. Most of our girl children don’t get opportunity to achieve higher education. They are often victim of early marriage. So, we should ensure children’s education first,” he added.

Md. Masud Miah, Imam of Shibpur Mosque, said “There are a large number of child marriages occur every day from our country. Most of them can’t reach their destination. They suffer a lot.”

He also said that, “We all should follow government rules of our country about Child marriage. We also take responsibilities & start from home.”

Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer of Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project of World Concern, Ghatail, Tangail facilitated the program.He said that poverty & lack of education are the main causes of child marriage. He also mentions about the punishment of child marriage who are related & responsible for child marriage. that there are two elements insist us to trafficking.

Nazim Sarkar, Branch Manager, Rural Micro-credit Program, said that “We should work together to stop child marriage from our society.” “By proper implementation & Child marriage law, we can reduce child marriage from our country,” said the discussants from the Civil society, CPC & WC staffs at the event.