IMF’s DMD happy to see Padma bridge


International Monetary Fund (IMF) Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Antoinette Monsio Sayeh today expressed her happiness for Padma Bridge during a three-hour visit to the project site.

“We, including IMF DMD, today visited Padma Bridge. She (Sayeh) was really impressed with it and was very happy that she visited it,” said a IMF spokesperson after visiting the bridge.

The IMF DMD led a 10-member team to the bridge site.

After reaching the site at around 9am, she visited the bridge, saw river training works and resentment areas.

The project director also briefed her about different perspective of the project before her departure from the site at around 12 noon, the spokesperson said.

Padma Bridge and the country’s first metro rail are two very important project of the country. Padma Bridge was built with the government’s own resources while metro rail project is being implemented with Japanese loan.

Sayeh reached Bangladesh on Saturday for a five-day visit and left Dhaka this evening. She also visited metro rail on Monday.