Md Aftab Uddin, a successful entrepreneur



Md Aftab Uddin, a successful entrepreneur in digital marketing who works digital marketing globally.

There are many obstacles in life. In the journey of life, one has to stumble before starting to walk. Obstacles can be overcome by applying intelligence and strategies. Hard work brings success in life. Those who advance to see the end of the path are more confident than others. They work as inspiration for others. Md Aftab Uddin, a young entrepreneur in the digital marketing, has become an epitome of success.

Md Aftab Uddin, a successful digital marketing entrepreneur, is resolving IT related problems in many countries across the world.
His company Coatord Limited wants to earn Tk one million per year through working with the clients from local and foreign. Currently, it has clients in Sri Lanka, India and the United States. He dreams of making the company one of the top IT companies in the country and spreading its service worldwide.

Leaving various obstacles in his journey, Aftab has become a successful digital marketing entrepreneur by applying intelligence and strategies.

His services mainly focuses on web design, web development, 3D design, various social media services, music distribution, Google Knowledge Panel, cyber security, online book distribution, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Aftab, CEO of the company, said that they are providing all kind of IT related solution through four subsidiaries– Coatord IT, Coatord Software, Nazeric Digital and Aftab Digital Media.
His Nazeric Dgital spreads wings globally and is supplying Bangladeshi IT digital services to the worldwide.

Aftab, a young entrepreneur, hard worker and self-confident, has become an epitome of success. Nazeric Digital, a sister concern of Coatord Limited, is serving thousands of clients in the country in different digital services with a target to sort out any problem of their client, he said.
As life is gradually becoming more and more digital, the number of digital agencies is increasing in the country.

Aftab said, “This is a ‘Problem Solving IT Company’. We thought of establishing another company and name it Nazeric Digital to serve its client with any problem related to social media.”
He started the company along with Nafizul Haque, Md. Hafizur Rahman, Md. Taj Uddin and Mst.Tahrima Begum in 2015, although it officially starts working on June 16, 2022.

Nazeric Digital offers the best effort from the whole team to provide great service to clients and also maintain security, reads a press release.

About the journey of the company, Aftab said, “It was not easy to start and survive with the company. There was a lot of competition, and we had to work hard to satisfy our clients and get the result of our hard work.”