First day of strict lockdown observed countrywide


Dailynewsun Desk:

On the first day of the week-long strict lockdown announced by the government to curb the spread of coronavirus, law enforcement agencies have been working in different parts of the country since dawn to enforce the ban.

Law enforcement agencies are setting up check posts on important roads in the districts, searching vehicles and asking pedestrians to get out. Fines are being levied somewhere for unwarranted wandering.

The government has imposed a seven-day strict lockdown all over Bangladesh from 6am from today to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

District correspondents report:

MYMENSINGH: There has been no traffic in the city since morning except for one or two auto-rickshaws. In addition to members of the armed forces led by executive magistrates, there are patrols of police, Ansar and Armed Police Battalions at various corners of the city.

When ordinary people come out without any special reason, they are being interrogated and released and if they cannot show cause, they are being sent home with a fine.

The reason is being shown along with the fine by stopping the private vehicles that came out with it. Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Enamul Haque said the patrol of 5 platoon army led by 13 executive magistrates, 2 platoons BGB besides police, Ansar and Armed Police Battalion will continue in the district to implement the lockdown to prevent infection.

NARAYANGANJ: All types of vehicles have been stopped in the district since morning. Although some freight trucks and covered vans were running, they also had to answer to the magistrate at various intersections.

Executive Magistrate of the district Mehedi Hasan Farooq forced several buses to get off at this junction and turn around. “We are not allowing any other vehicles to run without emergency services,” he said.

District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner Mostain Billah said 5 army teams and 3 platoons BGB have been deployed to enforce government restrictions to prevent corona infection.

Besides, 20 teams led by district administration magistrates and 31 teams of district police are working. Rover Scouts and Red Crescent volunteers have been instructed to cooperate with law enforcement.

LAXMIPUR: The congested city of Laxmipur is now deserted and empty. Apart from some vehicles and shops engaged in emergency services, government and private offices, courts, shopping malls and public transport are closed.

Law enforcement has been working in the field since morning to enforce the lockdown. Police activities have been observed at important points of the district. Locals are being barred from leaving the house without urgent need.

RANGAMATI: All shops and shopping malls are closed from 8 am. However, grocery stores, raw markets and drug stores are open. Auto rickshaws are banned in this rickshaw-free city of the country and the government’s ban was observed successfully.

Deputy Commissioner Mizanur Rahman told BSS that additional police have been deployed at various points in the city to ensure lockdown as per government directives and several mobile teams led by executive magistrates are working at various points in the city.

Members of Army-BGB-Police-RAB and Ansar are cooperating with the district administration to ensure lockdown. In addition, to make the public aware, the district information office is requesting to observe lockdown though loudspeakers in different areas of the city.

CUMILLA: Nine executive magistrates of the district administration have been working since 9 am to ensure health rules in the district. Mobile courts are operated simultaneously from different points of the city.

Executive Magistrate Abu Saeed told, “As part of a nationwide lockdown, we are operating mobile courts in different parts of the city to comply with the health rules of the people of Cumilla.” At that time, 4 people were arrested for wandering on the road outside the house without any reason.

People, wearing protective suits, offer funeral prayers for a man who died due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), before his burial at a graveyard in Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 6, 2020. Photo: REUTERS/Mohammad Ponir Hossain

NARAIL: Buses, easy bikes, vans and other vehicles have been stopped in the district since morning. Businesses are closed, but raw markets, including daily necessities, are open. Police have been deployed in all the important places of the city.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Habibur Rahman said members of the district administration, police administration, upazila administration as well as BGB and army were on duty to prevent spread of Corona in the district and observe strict lockdown.

Meanwhile, law enforcers member have been patrolling on various roads from 6am this morning in Naogaon, Bhola, Joypurhat, Dinajpur, Tangail and Bandarban districts.