King Suleiman’s Ring is back in its place!


Dailynewsun Desk:

Sufi artist and former Miss Dhaka, Bangladesh Shaila Simi Nur handed over three of her Artworks recently to the Honorable Palestinian Ambassador H.E Yusuf SY Ramadan to Bangladesh.

The precious Artworks were handed over to Honorable Palestinian Ambassador H.E Yusuf SY Ramadan to Bangladesh on Wednesday (9 June, 2021)

Shaila Simi Nur said that, The Ring of Hazrat King Suleiman (As.) is back to its home. The artworks that have been handed over include King Solomon’s Ring, Nalayan Mubarak, and Throne of Queen Bilkis & the Hudhud Bird.

It is worth mentioning that a few years back Shaila Simi joined a movement in London to free Palestine. It was organized by Poetry Cafe London. She said the world is created by God, all nations and creations come from the same source, every soul has the urge to merge in the same light. I believe in love and non-violence on each other. Honorable Ambassador has mentioned the Importance of the Holy place Palestine in the history of Islam and in other holy books.

During the meeting, the honorable Palestinian ambassador, H.E Youssef S. Y. Ramadan said that he did not avail any sort of holiday/annual leave for the last 3 years that was entitled to him from the government. He is always in a feeling that he can serve the world more and more. What a dedicated soul representing the people of Palestine.

Shaila Simi Noor expressed her love to the people of Palestine and the embassy of Palestine in Bangladesh. H.E Yusuf SY Ramadan could tell very little about his life in an hour’s meeting but it was vividly exposed that what a tremendous, restless and enormous efforts is being taken for Palestinian people to bring a beautiful life.