Journey of The Daily New Sun


Maiden Journey of The Daily New Sun

The Daily New Sun has started its maiden journey with a slogan of ‘ No favour and No fear’ with a veiw to speaking for the deprived people of the world.

Readers are requested to stay with us and keep eyes on our online version for getting updated news and views of the world but it will emphasis on our country’s news.

The Daily New Sun will be published in two versions, Bangla and English languages will be used for our online.

Hoping TheDaily New Sun will fulfill the reader’s demand and unquenchable thirst, providing informative news. 

This daily will liberally work as it has promised that it would not work any one’s favour, so it will work without fear.

The Daily New Sun firmly wants to ensure the readers that it will always provide correct news and views of the world.

Finally it wants the cordial support of readers and advertisers for its betterment. All are requested to stay with us for a good cause. A big thank and welcome to our online version.

Sahidul Islam Nirab
Editor in charge of The Daily New Sun.