PM wants Bangladesh to advance further maintaining dignity


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today gave credit to all people including businessmen for elevating Bangladesh into a dignified position, urging the countrymen to work together to take the country further ahead keeping the dignity intact.

“We have taken Bangladesh into a dignified position. We have to take country further ahead with maintaining the dignity,” she said.

She said this while receiving blankets and winter clothes from various financial institutions for PM’s Relief and Welfare Fund at a function in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) here.

The prime minister said Bangladesh witnessed a massive development in the last 14 years as her party Awami League is in power for a long period.

In this connection, she referred to talks with Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohammad in an international programme where Mahathir told that a long term government is required for ensuring country’s development.

“We have been able to develop Bangladesh as we are in power for a long time,” she said, adding: “You (businessmen) and the people have the contribution whatever Bangladesh has achieved”.

PM’s Principal Secretary Dr Ahmad Kaikaus moderated the function.

Bankers Association of Bangladesh (BAB) Chairman Nazrul Islam Majumder gave the address of welcome while representatives from different financial institutions including banks were present.

Sheikh Hasina said the country’s development has been visible as her government is in power for three consecutive terms since 2009.

The Prime Minister they have been working for balanced development of the country and for every section of people, including the disadvantaged communities in society.

“Our target is to ensure that none in society remains neglected and has to lead inhumane life. We are working for balanced development,” she said.

The premier said they have rehabilitated different disadvantaged communities, including disabled, transgender, Bede (gypsy) and leprosy patients by providing them with houses free of cost as part of the government move to bring every landless and homeless people under housing scheme.

“We are upgrading living standard of everyone – not only the common people but also all, irrespective of their locations and positions in society,” she said.

The premier thanked the BAB for their generosity to join with the government to help the masses during every disaster, including flood, cyclone, draught and natural calamities.

She called upon the business community to provide larger assistances to the sports and cultural sectors to help flourish talents among the youths and keep them away from the terrorism, militancy, drug addiction and other social vices.

She urged the businessmen to appoint sportsmen in their organisations to relieve their anxiety for livelihoods.

The Prime Minister said the winter is approaching nearer, so her government is taking prior measures to collect winter clothes and blankets to provide those to cold-hit people in advance.