Food adulterations: Threats and stringent measures


Mohammed Alamgir Hossain:

According to media reports some 600 field-level inspectors are working across the country to ensure food safety for all during the holy month of Ramadan. But food adulterations are going on till now.

Although Ramadan is going to be ended, this nefarious practice increases exponentially during the month of Ramadan. The shopkeepers and the merchants–many of them with a pious façade– try to earn a large amount of profit by this unethical practice, and so they play with the life and health of the people. Now Adulteration of foods has become a national issue.

The problem is not only ignoring the human rights for safer food but also endangering public health seriously with numerous acute and chronic diseases. Our future generation will be seriously affected with vulnerable physical and mental growth inflicted by food adulteration. But in our country it has become the destiny of writing.

There is no trust available to buy from genuine food. Beef fat, intestines and is made of chemicals used in industrial dalda, sweet gourd color is sweet juice. Brick powder, boot peas, lentils and grass peas are mixed with different yellow powder. calcium carbide is used to preserve mango, banana, tomatoes and white color is used to make food crispy.

Over the years plenty of restaurants in Bangladesh have been caught red-handed using the meat of dead chicken in their dishes. A study published in the Bangladesh Animal Journal in 2012 shows 63.7 per cent of farmers in the country use cattle-fattening tablets.

Fake eggs are also available now. Burnt Mobil is used to produce sweets. the frequent use of mixed tannery color is available to produce fish meals and to colorize various foods. Urea is used to whiten puffed rice..

The nation is constantly pushing the death of adulterated food, a new generation is taking towards an uncertain future as the lame unintelligent. Now the product has been recalled spoiled copies liability. In Adulterated food market , a section businessmen are stealing millions of dollars. Being a man of silent assassination.

The adulteration of the buyer-consumer panic attacks. Many people unknowingly eat the flesh of their nesting adulterated different deadly disease. According to doctors, Carbide poisoning of the body will be affected. Gastric, stomach inflammation and ulcer are common diseases in human bodies. These toxic chemicals like chromium, lad, sulphurs can damage the liver and can make the kidneys inactive to filter .

Bone marrow abnormalities may occur. Blood cells to be made to the extent that it may be hampered. As a result, a serious disorder such as thalassemia and leukemia may occur. Despite his love of excess profit black ships lose all guides. No law enforcement agency, or they do not want to follow the advice of experts.. However, some dealers are trying to impose on farmers the entire responsibility for the use of chemicals.

Publics are victims of greed and profit. According to the researchers, the diet will be maintained in the country within 2021, 70 per cent of people will be affected diabetics. In a word, Followings can be the probable results of food adulteration-Consumers are cheated by the traders.

Consumers take impure, unsafe and incomplete food; Reduces the quality of the food and this weakens the health of the consumers and thereby increases the cost for healthcare; Regular intake leads to many health problems from curable to incurable disorders and can ruin one’s lifestyle and life as well; The adulterated foods both fresh and processed are nutritionally poor. Food adulteration poses a very serious health hazard.

The government has taken various measures to prevent the threat recently, the court wanted to know from the government in terms of adulteration of food. social awareness is badly needed. Educational institutions and religious places of worship must take the initiative to build public awareness against counterfeit adulteration.

Foods adulterers should be socially harassed. Sentence should be identified.3Morality of the traders, political will and public awareness against the harmful impurities should be continued to curb these misdeeds. Actor, actress and models should be shown ethical media world. they should understand that professionalism in adulterated is not part of the promotion of flashy advertisements.

Asian countries like Pakistan to control food adulteration act as a watchdog of parliamentary standing committees. maximum sentences of adulteration or more stringent legislation in this regard, the media flashy and catchy advertising campaign stop adulteration continue to make regular ,seasonal campaign continued.

The government should reward for honest traders to encourage. In order to increase consumers’ awareness, Topical seminars, various displays and organized trainings, leaflets, and posters can be won to guarantee supply. we do not believe in hate. It is our bounden responsibilities that we as a nation, political interests and political program (Hunger strike, human chain, strike) must be implemented to protect the interests of consumers.

Hotel, restaurant owners or managers of the concerned companies should go into the kitchen to supervise the environment which will get better anyway. It does not need to see the magistrate. Everything is possible if we are sincere. Recently, Bangladesh Hotel Owners Association has taken the initiative to stop dumping the restaurants, which surely deserves praise. It seems, in our country it has become necessary to take such drastic measures.

Government must ensure transparency and accountability in inspection procedure, analysis of food and prosecution method. Offenders must be prosecuted indiscriminate to any consideration. Credible laboratory services for food analysis and risk based food inspection system to be in place.

Whoever may be responsible for food doctoring, the driving motivation behind adulteration is undeniably a chronic profiteering mindset. Like other vital areas of our survival and identity like education, culture, service sectors, administration etc., the inevitable element of our survival has been completely eclipsed by the vicious profiteering syndicates the tentacles of which have already been spread deep through the arteries of the society.

Making profit by any means has become the way of life for all of us. But do we ever question ourselves that in the intrigues of profit games each and every one of us in some way or the other fall prey to the trap set by someone else? Alongside taking stern actions from the government side, we all should all be guided by minimum ethical essence in our attitude towards life.

This is the responsibility of the state apparatus to ensure that for the common people. Food adulteration can be substantially combat by the legal paradigm.

** Writer Mohammed Alamgir Hossain is the District Election Officer, Moulvibazar.