Salah Uddin’s Stroy Book ‘Ekhane Koyaekti Jibon’ Published


Sahidul Islam Nirab:

Fourth story book of Salah Uddin Mahmud, ‘Ekhane Koyaekti Jibon‘ has already come to light from Kingbadonti Publication before the beginning of ‘The Amar Ekushey Book Fair’, hoping it will greatly get readers’ acceptance.

The price of the book is fixed at 300Tk, its cover is perfectly designed by Ayub Al Amin. The book is now available for sale at, pre-order of the book is going on at ( The book is also available in various bookshops and publications.

Publisher Anjan Hasan Pawan said, ‘The writer of the book Salah Uddin Mahmud depicted the picture of daily life and so the readers can get realistic pleasure after reading it. He always waves words of pleasure and tears. It can truly be told that Salah Uddin’s story book means the stories of life. Reading it the readers sometimes will find deep sadness or sometimes much pleasure.The author’s insights bring out the deep pain of life. Hope you like the stories. It will shake the heart of the reader. ‘

Salahuddin Mahmud said regarding the book, “There are eleven stories in the book. The stories combine old and new. Among them two or four stories have been published in different newspapers. However, most of them were file captives. After over three years, I get interest to publish the stories in book form.

Salah Uddin Mahmud is simultaneously a poet, storyteller, essayist, playwright and media worker. ‘Circus Sundari’, ‘Nishisundari’, ‘Sundari Samagra’ and ‘Akhane Koyaekti Jibon ’ are his story books. ‘Mithilar Jonno Kabita’ and ‘ Tome Jodi Chaw’ are his books of poetry.

He has edited the collection of interviews of young writer Sadat Hossain ‘Amar Ami’. Compiled by Awareness Book ‘Fire Alert and Extinguishing Strategy’. Her first novel is ‘Mamta’. ‘ Akhane Koyaekti Jibon ’ is his ninth book. He hopes the book will get much popularity among the readers.