‘Giving Hope’ book of Caritas Bangladesh unveiled in Cox’s Bazar

Caritas Bangladesh's Executive Director Mr Sebastian Rozario unveiled the book 'Giving Hope' highlighting the activities for the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) and the host community in Cox’s Bazar from 2017 to 2021. -Photo: Roton Malo

Roton Malo from Cox’s Bazar:

‘Giving Hope’, a book on four-year-long interventions under the Emergency Response Program (ERP) of Caritas Bangladesh (CB) was launched on Sunday in Cox’s Bazar.

Mr Sebastian Rozario, Executive Director, CB, launched the book highlighting all activities for the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) and the host community in Cox’s Bazar from 2017 to 2021.

Anita Margaret Rozaio, Head of Human Resources, CB; Mr Marcel Ratan Guda, Project Director, ERP; Md Abdullah Fuad, Head of Program, ERP; Mr Inmanuel Chayan Biswas, Head of Operation, ERP among others were present during the book launching ceremony at the auditorium of ERP office in Cox’s Bazar.


Caritas Bangladesh’s Executive Director Mr Sebastian Rozario unwraping the book book ‘Giving Hope’ while ERP Project Director Mr Marcel Ratan Guda is helping him. -Photo: Roton Malo

Caritas Bangladesh’s ED Mr Sebastian Rozario said “this book is not about the publicity of good works but a move to keep the deeds documented and let others know that good things can be done the way we do.”

The one of the editorial board members, Mr Inmanuel Chayan Biswas, said “writeups featuring humanitarian experiences in Rohingya camp, messages from ERP from local administration, Caritas Bangladesh’s partners, Caritas Internationalis (CI), CB officials, and ERP staff; case stories from beneficiaries; media coverage on ERP; financial reviews, important events and detailed major activities under ERP from 2017 to 2021 have enriched the book.”

Meanwhile, articles on CB’s humanitarian activities in Cox’s Bazar since the deadliest cyclone in 1970 coastal areas will also satisfy the readers who want to know about Caritas Bangladesh’s history in humanitarian activities.

CB started its intervention in 2017 by providing makeshift shelter to vulnerable Rohingyas. Later the organization provided transitional and mid-term shelter respectively and upgraded those periodically. CB also provided food, non-food items, ensured protection of women and children.

CB has been intervening in three major areas– Shelter & Site Improvement, WaSH, Protection in Rohingya camp and Disaster Risk Management (DRR) activities for the host community in Cox’s Bazar.

Caritas Bangladesh & Rohingya People in Cox’s Bazar:
Bangladesh has been experiencing one of the worst humanitarian crises in its history due to the unprecedented influx of refugees from Myanmar. In 3 months from 25 August 2017, more than 600,000 refugees arrived in Bangladesh, escaping horrific violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. According to UNHCR, 913,660 Rohingya people are living in Bangladesh right now.

Soon after the massive influx, two representatives from CB Chattogram region visited Cox’s Bazar on 29th August. Another team visited the area on 8th September for producing an Emergency Appeal. Since then, CB started the Emergency Response Program (ERP) for FDMNs.

On 8th October 2017, Caritas Bangladesh started distributing food for hungry Rohingya people. Caritas Internationalis responded swiftly to the call from Caritas Bangladesh and sent representatives to visit the people in Cox’s Bazar.