Bangladeshi youth contributes to ‘Munich Electrification Project’


Dailynewsun Desk:

Bangladeshi led tech company Mulytic Labs is one of the key contributors of the Munich Electrification project, where the company is actively working to develop a smart city framework.

The project is driven by the ultimate goal of sustainable urban infrastructure in which it will determine how the German urban metropolitan region could become carbon-neutral by 2050, said a press release.

Mulytic Labs, a Munich based data-driven technology company, recently won the project and has been developing the backend technology and cloud infrastructure for Munich Electrification.

Mulytic Labs’ Cloud Centre of Excellence is currently developing a comprehensive IT infrastructure wherein all relevant data concerning energy management can be easily accessed through a cloud platform. The company is working to help all relevant stakeholders gain access to, as well as optimize, the data while maintaining strict data privacy and cybersecurity.

Through this project, Mulytic Labs aims to help accommodate for scale, accessibility and optimal utilization of data following the surge in demand for renewable energy in Munich.

Speaking of Mulytic Labs, Dr. Rubaiyat Islam Sadat, Founding Chairman, said, “When introducing disruptive technologies in the automotive and energy sectors, I assumed my corporate responsibility. Working with a loyal team to pave the way for a green and clean future is my inspiration, motivation and mission. My mission is to have consumers of electric vehicles in the smart energy world experiencing electric vehicles through sustainable and scalable technology solutions that can achieve safe, net-zero carbon dioxide emissions and the use of renewable energy as fuel.”

Mulytic Labs began operations in Bangladesh in 2017 and provides smart IT solutions to enhance public and private sector operations. To avail their services, visit