Mridha Alauddin creates a new form in poetry


Sahidul Islam Nirab,

Mridha Alauddin is one of the leading poets in this country. Besides poetry, he regularly writes stories, rhymes, essays and literary criticism . His writings are being published in the top national dailies of the country . He weaves the words of poetry into love and revolt. He has created a new trend in poetry. In other words, he wanted to endue poetry a very modern garland. His outstanding works sometimes takes the reader’s heart in a rush of pain and sometimes overwhelms him with absolute joy. His poems are characterized by Greek mythology. He has used a lot of figure of speeches in the poetry like personification, simile, alliteration and allusion with various aesthetic rhythms. His word diction is very outstanding that takes the reader in the other world of imagination. He is very veteran and versatile poet who has already earned huge reputation among the cultural minded people including the poetry readers . His several books have already been published from different publishers of the country and outside of the country . The poetry book, ‘ Samner Shete Manus Hobe Roddure” is a rude book of poems, where the traditional sense of poetry in the face of the suddenness encounters abruptness. This abruptness is somewhat like the name of a book. Man’s becoming a sunshine is not a very conventional transformation, but this poetic logic is not entirely unacceptable. Rather, in other words, such transformative poetic thought always suits only a pioneer. People as well as rivers or other aspects of nature can change. This tangible and intangible transformation is not only the theory of the creative imagination of the romantic poet Coleridge, but also a far-reaching step in the hands of subsequent surrealism or magical realism. The technique of poetry, such as rhyme, similes, metaphors, as well as the process of using Puranas or unfamiliarizing with language, has come a long way. The careful and conscious poet is aware of this. Mridha Alauddin is such an alert and conscious poet. ‘This love of a kiss or a great war’ – such a seemingly absurd word marriage is the Brahmastra of his poetic union. As a result, the verses of this book give different impressions in different pronunciations. He has broken the boundary of dream-reality with perfect hands. Undoubtedly, the poet has made his own place in critical literature. When the readers pronounce his name, an exceptional form of poetry appears before the readers automatically. Poet Mridha Alauddin’s first book of poetry “Rauddure Jai Mon” (published in 2005) “Some fish have become butterflies” (poetry book), “Jangdhara Pinalcode” (story book), “Char-yer chirip chirip shabd” (teenage poem), “Shundikhar” Soft body “(Doha Kavyagrantha),” A little poison is needed “(Doha Kavyagrantha), Al Mahmud and other references etc. In his literary career, he got few achievements- Atish Dipankar Gold Medal, Bangabhumi Sahitya Samman, Shirshabindu Sahitya Padak, Bengal Muslim Sahitya Samiti Crest and Gold Medal. Poet Mridha Alauddin is currently working for a national daily.