World Meditation Day Friday


Dailynewsun Desk:

World Meditation Day-2021 will be observed on Friday for the first time in the country with a view to lead a healthy and peaceful life by practicing meditation-based exercise.

The theme of the day is ‘Regular Meditation: a successful happy healthy life’.

Quantum Foundation has chalked out a daylong program to observe the day. Quantum Foundation will air an awareness-raising documentary and a special meditation on Quantum’s website and its YouTube channel at 9:30 am tomorrow.

Meditation has been proved as a helpful tool to control mind and use brain positively.

The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and anxiety, and fostering kindness.

Meditation also has benefits for one’s physical health as it can improve his or her tolerance for pain and help fight substance addiction.