vivo X60 Pro: A smartphone with attractive camera


Dailynewsun Report:

Earlier, people used to have mobile phones for communication alone. Later, the mobile phones have become suitable for listening music, listening to radio, capturing photos and even playing video games. Recently, the use of mobile phones has become inevitable part of modern life.

And now, smartphone cameras have become an important feature. Smartphone industry insiders say that among any other specifications, the smartphone users prefer cameras. And the youths mostly prefer smartphone cameras as well.

When the consumers demand cameras, the smartphone making companies try to meet those needs. So, the markets are witnessing wonderful cameras gradually. However, some of the smartphones cross the boundary of expectation. vivo X60 Pro is one of those smartphone who crossed the boundary to cater user’s expectations.

Camera is the center of attraction of this smartphone. This smartphone camera can be used for professional cinematography alongside professional photography that could be used to make films alongside photography.

Carl Zeiss lenses: vivo X60 Pro is using a camera system co-engineered with Carl Zeiss lenses. So many leading blockbuster movies has been shot in the past using Zeiss and also currently one of the preferred lenses for professional cinematography. Moreover, the professional photographers also love this lens and most of the photographers dream to use Zeiss lenses. So, the vivo X60 Pro could be a great choice for the professional photographers, cinematographers, and visual content creators.

Gimbal stabilization 2.0 Pro technology: The addition of gimbal stabilization 2.0 Pro technology has made it more attractive. Usually, professional cinematographers, photographers apply gimbal stabilization to make the photos & videos look more perfect and clearer. vivo added this technology in X60 pro smartphone. The gimbal stabilizations can correct shaking & distortion up to 3 degrees while running. So, you can get a clear picture even clicking in a moving environment.

Bright photos in darkness: A camera can hold more light in a low aperture mode. So, you get a bright image; for that the camera aperture of vivo X60 Pro is just f/1.48. This is one of the lowest aperture camera commercially available in market. So, the vivo X60 Pro will let consumers to click amazing photos in darker environments as well as give professional night shots on the go.

Super Panorama: For photography; Even the slightest shake distorts the photos in panorama mode. So, to tackle the issue; vivo X60 Pro introduced super panorama night mode co-engineered with Zeiss lenses and gimbal stabilization 2.0 Pro. Combined with these professional premium hardware and vivo’s own AI enhanced software the super panorama night mode will let users to take noise and shake free clear super panorama night shots always. vivo X60 Pro super panorama night mode is one of a kind in the latest market.

HDR Night portrait: vivo X60 Pro allow users to click high-dynamic range night portrait photos. It allows users to take clear photos with accurate edge detection as well as noise free crystal clarity. All the portraits will be as professional, a smartphone user can hope for.