Joe Biden may wear the crown


Sahidul Islam Nirab:

USA election is going to be ended very soon, the whole world is waiting for the outcome of the election.

The world circumstances depends on America and so all the politicians of the world are interested in hearing the news of the election.

In the meantime Joe Biden is narrowly ahead, but Dronal Trump is also optimistic yet.

Joe Biden started election night with many paths to 270 electoral votes, but by Wednesday morning President Donald Trump had won Florida, Ohio and Texas and was within striking distance of winning North Carolina.

That left a diminished but still significant number of ways by which Biden could prevail, mostly clustered around recapturing Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the once-reliable “blue wall” states that Trump toppled four years ago.

Here are the top scenarios remaining for Biden, as well as Trump, to win the 2020 election. The Biden scenarios presume that he wins Nevada, a blue state where he is narrowly ahead.