Against War


War, a trap on an empty horizon,
The earth’s cry stained with blood,
Where peace marches come to a halt,
Only the song of death is heard there.

War, what can you give us?
Your gift is only destruction,
Dreams shatter in a moment,
In the eyes, we see only the storm of sorrow.

Children’s laughter, a mother’s love,
Everything fades on the path of war,
How many hearts lose their loved ones,
The earth is rolled in the curse of war.

Stop this cruel game,
Bring the message of peace, the light of life,
Let no one be burned in the fire of war,
Let the flowers of love bloom again.

The money we waste on destruction,
Can be used to build a beautiful world,
We can bring smiles to everyone’s faces,
Bringing happiness, the path of love.

Not war, let the song of peace be sung,
Let humanity’s song triumph,
As friends, hand in hand,
Together we build a new dawn.

In the name of war, so much wealth is wasted,
So many lives are lost in cruelty,
Stop the clatter of weapons,
For the sweet breeze of peace.

In the tune of war, only wails are heard,
Let’s paint the earth with the song of love,
Spread the light of joy all around.

Our dreams, our hopes,
Are extinguished on the path of war,
Human freedom, human welfare,
This should be our eternal goal.

Those who lose their loved ones in war,
Their eyes shed only tears,
Let this cruelty end,
Wash away all sorrow in the tide of love.

Let this earth be a haven of love,
Where everyone together builds a golden direction,
Not war, let peace prevail,
Let every face shine with happiness.

Let us walk together, laugh together,
Let everyone float in the stream of joy,
Erasing the thorns of war,
Planting the seeds of peace deep in the heart.

Light the lamp, the beacon of freedom,
Let the darkness of war be over,
Let a new day come for all,
Write life’s lessons in the colors of peace.
Poetry by Rahman Mridha
Former Director, Pfizer, Sweden. [email protected]