Thousands of students having sex for money


Thousands of university students around the country (UK) are having sex for money and selling their underwear online as they struggle to make ends meet on student loans.

New research has shown that one in 25 students are involved in adult work , including selling intimate pictures, selling their underwear, sugar dating, and having sex for money.

Four per cent of undergraduates admitted to trying adult work, compared with two per cent in 2017 and three per cent in 2018. This means the proportion has doubled in just two years – and could mean as many as 70,000 undergraduates could now be involved.

The survey also showed a further six per cent of students would consider adult work if they needed money in an emergency.

Save the Student has also revealed that the maintenance loan give to students in the UK is short of the average living costs by £267 a month.

Abbey – whose name has been changed – studies fashion buying in Manchester, and got into adult work in her first year.

She said: “My student loan came in and I still couldn’t cover my rent, credit card and overdraft. I don’t receive financial support from my parents.

“I desperately needed the money and was just about to start my exams so I didn’t have time for a ‘proper’ job.

Selina – whose name has also been changed – recently finished a degree in genetics and used adult work to see her through university.

She said: “If I’d taken a normal part time job (retail or bar work), I would have had to work such long hours that it definitely would have affected my grades.

“I started adult work at the end of my first year (selling foot photos on Craigslist), so I’ve been in it two years and I’m now making sex work my primary income. I know I can make more than I would with a grad job.

“I get the minimum maintenance loan because of my dad’s income from running his own company.

“The government expects him to make up the difference, but he has other priorities so is only willing to give me about half of that.”

Jake Butler, money expert for Save the Student, said: “The doubling of students involved in adult and sex work over two years is alarming and very concerning.

“But it’s not all that unexpected, given the financial situation students are put in. Living costs continue to grossly outweigh the amount of funding available, leaving on average a shortfall of £267 a month according to our latest research.

“Maintenance loans are means tested, meaning that the government expects parents to plug the gap. But most parents have no idea and their children are forced to desperate measures just to continue their studies.” -Mirror UK