The rage of humanity!


Pat 1: Think Before You Pull the Trigger

Scene_001: “The plot of the scene is a conversation between two police officers, Officer Johnson, and Officer Williams, as they prepare for a mission. The officers discuss their new gear, which is designed to protect them from harm, including bullets and sharp objects. They acknowledge the advantages this gear gives them but emphasize the importance of using it wisely and effectively. They remind each other that the gear is just a tool and that their training and judgment are essential in making decisions in the field. The officers express their commitment to using the gear to keep themselves and the people they are protecting safe.”

Two police officers, Officer Johnson and Officer Williams, are preparing to go on a mission.

Officer Johnson: “Alright Williams, gear up. We’re about to go on this mission.”

Officer Williams: “I can’t wait to see how this new gear performs in the field.”

Officer Johnson: “Same. I heard it’s made from a material that’s designed to stop bullets and deflect sharp objects.”

Officer Williams: “And it’s also incredibly light, so we won’t feel weighed down.”

Officer Johnson: “It’s reassuring to know that we have this gear to protect us. We won’t have to worry about getting hurt easily.”

Officer Williams: “And our enemies are going to be in for a surprise when they see us walking towards them with this gear on. They won’t be able to hurt us.”

Officer Johnson: “It’s almost like we have an unfair advantage, but it’s important to remember that this gear is just a tool. It’s up to us to use it wisely and effectively.”

Officer Williams: “Agreed. We can’t let the power of this gear go to our heads. We need to remember our training and use our judgment when making decisions in the field.”

Officer Johnson: “Exactly. This gear is meant to enhance our abilities, not replace them. Let’s use it to keep ourselves and the people we’re protecting safe.”

Officer Williams: “Let’s do this. Time to make a difference and keep our city secure.”

Scene_002: “The plot of this scene involves a riot breaking out during a protest, and police officers responding with excessive force. The police are well-prepared, equipped with all the necessary gear to handle the situation without resorting to deadly force. However, Officer Bush demands that one protester be shot for no apparent reason, and despite Officer Trump’s objection, Officer Obama complies with the order and fires his weapon. As a result, at least five people are killed, including an elder son who was the sole breadwinner for his family, leaving his younger brothers to work and support themselves. The scene highlights the consequences of police brutality and the tragic impact it can have on innocent lives.”

Officer Bush: “Shoot that a**. He is jumping and dancing. He might be a threat.”

Officer Trump: “But sir, that guy is not doing us any harm. Let’s use normal force.”

Officer Bush: “You are a pu**y! I am firing you! Obama, I am ordering you to shoot that a**hole.”

Officer Obama: “With pleasure, sir.”

“He starts shooting, the people start screaming, and running here and there. An elder son, who supported the family, was the only supporting member of his family, and he was killed in that protest. He was also present at that protest. Now, his younger brothers, who were going to school, had to work to make a living.”

Scene_003: “One of the younger brothers continued studying. If he had wanted to take revenge on the cops, he could have easily done that but he didn’t. He could have easily killed or hurt their family members. Without harming anyone, he just kept studying. He joined politics and eventually became the President of his country. This younger brother called for an investigation into the death of his elder brother and found the police officer who had shot him mercilessly. One day, on live television, he invited the police officer and his child.”

President: “Welcome, Officer Obama.”

Officer Obama: “Thank you for having me, Mr. President.”

President: “I have called you here today to ask you a question. Do you recognize me?”

Officer Obama: “Yes, sir. You are the President of Bangladesh.”

President: “Good. Now, I want to ask you to do something for me. I want you to shoot your child.”

Officer Obama: “What? Sir, I cannot do that. My child is innocent and has done nothing wrong.”

President: “I see. Well, I am the President of Bangladesh, and I am ordering you to shoot your child or resign immediately.”

Officer Obama: “Sir, I cannot do that. I would rather resign.”

President: “Very well. Then resign. But congratulations though, Officer Obama. You have failed as a soldier but passed as a father and a human.”

“The President’s words sent a chill down Officer Obama’s spine. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and his palms were sweating. This was not a situation he had ever imagined he would be in.”

President: “Do you remember the time when you shot my brother during a protest? He was innocent, someone’s son, someone’s husband. Why didn’t you think back then?”

Officer Obama: “Sir, I was following orders. I did not have time to think.”

President: “We all have weak points. We are humans. We are not like those soldiers who have no remorse. But you didn’t think about that when you pulled the trigger. Do you regret what you did?”

Officer Obama: “Yes, sir. I regret it deeply. I wish I could take it back.”

“The memories of that day flooded Officer Obama’s mind. The chaos, the noise, and the confusion. He had followed orders blindly, without thinking about the consequences. He had taken a life, an innocent life, and now he had to live with the guilt and shame of his actions.”

President: “Now, I am going to shoot your child. Are you ready?”

Officer Obama: “No, please don’t. I will do anything you want.”

President: “Give my brother back.”

Officer Obama: “I am sorry, Sir, but that’s impossible. I cannot bring him back.”

President: “So, I am shooting your child.”

“Officer Obama froze. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t let the President shoot his child. He had to do something. Without thinking, he grabbed his gun and fired at the President.

The room was filled with silence. Officer Obama’s heart was pounding in his chest. He had just shot the President of Bangladesh. He looked at his child, who was crying in the corner of the room, and felt a surge of emotion.”

Officer Obama: “Are you okay, my child? Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here.”

“As he held his child, Officer Obama realized that he had made the right decision. He had protected his child, and he had stood up for what he believed in. He looked at the lifeless body of the President and felt a sense of relief. The test had been cruel, but he had passed it. He had shown that he was not just a soldier, but a father, a human being with a conscience.”

President: “Today, we just saw two different circumstances of what a father can do to save his child. If I had done the same thing to take revenge or save my brother, I would have been painted as a terrorist. Anyways, just think. I was testing you, Officer Obama. The gun I had was real, but the bullet was fake. Now, I hope you will think twice before you pull the trigger again. We must all use our judgment and remember the value of human life.”

Officer: “Thank you, Sir. I will.”

Part 2: Cheer up, guys. It is your children.

Scene_004: “The plot of the passage is about a President who invites several global leaders to a television show and abducts their children to a zone where they will fight each other. The winner will rule the world. The President claims that this is in the name of democracy and to bring back some of the cultures of their ancestors. The global leaders are shocked and try to find their guards, but the President informs them that he has killed them all. The children form two teams and start testing their weapons with live rounds, and the only way to escape is to kill the other team and win. Global leaders watch in horror as their children fight. However, it is later revealed that the daughter of the Supreme Leader of North Korea orchestrated the entire event to promote peace and end all wars. The passage ends with the global leaders agreeing to promote peace and live happily ever after.”

The President has invited Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan, UK Prime Minister, the President of France, and a handful of others to the television show.

President: “Dear global leaders, welcome to my country, and thank you for being here. While you were enjoying the show, I abducted some of your children. Now, they are in an area where they will fight one another. Whoever wins will rule the world. In the name of democracy and bullshit, you will declare war on each other, just like our ancestors used to do. So, I am bringing back some of the cultures of our ancestors. Your children will fight.”

“And then he shot the police officer. This time, for real. The police officer just died in front of them. The joke was over, and now the leaders came back to their senses and started taking things seriously. They were looking for their guards, but they did not respond.”

Global Leaders: [gasping, looking at each other in shock]

President: [shoots the police officer, who dies in front of them]

Global Leaders: [screaming, trying to find their guards]

President: “Relax, I killed all of your guards.” The President added that he killed them all.

“Then the live telecast of their children started right in front of them. Their children formed two teams and started testing their weapons with live rounds. The only way to escape was to kill the other team and win. Only the winners would escape that zone.”

Global Leaders: [in disbelief] “What kind of sick game is this?” The global leaders were facing a situation they never imagined.

President: “Behold, our beloved leaders! Cheer up for your children now, as they will fight to kill. A new leader shall rise today.” The Russian President’s children led one team, and another was a team led by the US President’s children. Cheer up like you do when two countries fight with their soldiers. They are also someone else’s children. The same.

Former President Donald Trump: “This is outrageous! We should nuke this country to oblivion!”

President: “We are prepared!”

“When their children start shooting.”

Mothers of the children: [crying]

Global Leaders: [desperate] “We get your message. We will do as you say. Please spare our children.”

The President then started saying, “Today, I am representing the eight billion people of this planet. We are the rage of humanity; we are the rage of eight billion people. We are the rightful owners of this Earth. We kept ignoring your arrogance, and you kept killing millions of people all over the world. But now, we are here to interfere. Not anymore. No more wars on this planet. From now on, if you really want to shoot, then shoot for the stars. There might be thousands of planets waiting for us to conquer. But even by mistake, if you declare another war on each other, then remember my name. I am the rage of humanity. The people will interfere. Nature has plans for you that you cannot calculate.”

Then the daughter of the Supreme Leader of North Korea started saying, “Father! I knew about this all along. Nobody abducted us. We did this on purpose, and the purpose was to stop all the wars and to promote peace. Now that you all agreed, we can live happily ever after.”

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Written by Md Golam Sharoar Saymum
Daffodil International University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Email: [email protected]