A play “The Rage of Humanity” written by a young boy left me amazed!


Rahman Mridha, from Sweden:

As the former Director of Pfizer and a writer, I had the pleasure of reading a remarkable script written by a young and talented student, Md Golam Sharoar Saymum. The play, titled “The Rage of Humanity,” was a captivating work of art that left a deep impact on me.

One of the most striking scenes of the play was when the President invited global leaders to a television show and announced that he had abducted their children, forcing them to fight each other for the chance to rule the world. Saymum’s portrayal of this scene was haunting and vivid, highlighting the depths to which people are willing to go for power and control.

I was impressed by Saymum’s ability to address complex and heavy topics such as power and the dark side of human nature with such grace and artistry. His writing is deeply insightful, reflecting his profound understanding of the human condition. His unique perspective on the state of humanity serves as a warning and a call to action.

Saymum’s work has the potential to inspire real change and make a difference in the world. His play is a testament to the power of art to provoke thought and inspire action. I highly recommend “The Rage of Humanity” to anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

In conclusion, Saymum’s “The Rage of Humanity” is a tour-de-force of creativity, empathy, and social commentary. It’s a powerful reminder of the destructive forces that govern our world and the need to rise above them. Saymum’s unique talent and perspective are sure to make a mark in the world of arts and beyond.

With Saymum’s permission, I would like to share an excerpt from the play, “Cheer Up, Guys. It’s Your Children.” In this part of the play, the message delivered by the President at the end is the main message that Saymum wants to convey as a young student.

Scene: Cheer Up, Guys. It’s Your Children.

I forgot to mention earlier that the President invited several global leaders to the television show, including Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, UK Prime Minister, President of France, and others.

The President greeted them, saying, “Dear global leaders, welcome to my country, and thank you for being here. While you’ve been enjoying the show, I’ve taken some of your children. They’re now in an area where they will fight each other. Whoever wins will rule the world. In the name of democracy and nonsense, you’ll declare war on each other, just like our ancestors used to do. So, I’m bringing back some of our ancestral cultures. Your children will fight.”

Then, he shot the police officer for real, and the leaders snapped back to reality. They looked for their guards, but the President claimed he had killed them all. The live telecast began with the children forming two teams and testing their weapons with live rounds. The only way to escape was to kill the other team and win. Only the winners would leave the zone.

The global leaders faced a situation they never imagined. The President exclaimed, “Behold, our beloved leaders! Cheer up for your children, as they will fight to the death. A new leader shall rise today.” The Russian president’s children led one team, while the US president’s children led the other.

The former President Donald Trump had been threatening to use a nuke on the country. The President then told him, “We are prepared!” As their children started shooting, their mothers began crying, and the leaders pleaded, “We understand your message. We’ll do as you say. Please spare our children.”

The President continued, “Today, I’m representing the eight billion people on this planet. We’re the voice of humanity; we’re the rightful owners of this Earth. We’ve ignored your arrogance, and you’ve killed millions of people all over the world. But now, we’re here to intervene. No more wars on this planet. If you really want to fight, then fight for the stars. There may be thousands of planets waiting for us to conquer. But if you declare another war, remember my name. I’m the voice of humanity. The people will intervene. Nature has plans for you that you can’t calculate.”

Then, the daughter of the Supreme Leader of North Korea spoke up, “Father! I knew about this all along. Nobody abducted us. We did this on purpose to stop all wars and promote peace. Now that you’ve all agreed, we can live happily ever after.”

* Rahman Mridha, Former Director (Production & Supply Chain Management), Pfizer, Sweden. [email protected]