US sanctions on RAB will be lifted soon: Kamal


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today said that the US sanctions on Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) will be lifted soon as the US assistant secretary Donald Lu expressed his satisfaction over RAB’s recent activities.

“I have discussed some issues with the US assistant secretary Donald Lu with cordial atmosphere yesterday and informed him about dealing of terrorism, militancy and Islamic extremism,” he told reporters at his secretariat office here.

The minister said Donald Lu appreciated Bangladesh and its law enforcement agencies for its activities.

Quoting the US assistant secretary, Kamal said he (Donald Lu) assured Bangladesh that sanctions on RAB will be lifted soon through a process.
During the meeting with Bangladesh Home Minister, Donald Lu assured that American government’s support will be continued for development of Bangladesh, as the country is moving forward for development.

The US wants to see Bangladesh as a more prosperous country, Kamal added.

He said the US official wants better improvement of human rights of Bangladesh. “We have discussed arson attacks, violence and militancy. They want fair elections in this country. None should engage for violence,” the minister said.

“The US delegation informed Kamal that the way you are going in the right direction. We (US) think the sanctions may be lifted soon. We hope it will be over soon. We are not in favour of imposing sanction anyone,” he said.

The United States also wants Bangladesh to move forward. The visiting Donald Lu praised actions of the government in combating militancy, terrorism, arson, radicalism.

Regarding the national election, the minister said, “We have said them that according to the constitution the Election Commission (EC) will conduct the national election.”

“Before 90 days the EC will take over everything for holding a fair election. Ministers will only do routine work. They (US delegation) also applauded the preparations for the fair elections,” he said.

Kamal, however, said that the US does not like vandalism, arson attacks and occupies of the roads in the name of public meeting.

Regarding Rohingya repatriation, the minister said that the US delegation assured for their further support to Bangladesh for forcibly displaced Myanmar national-Rohingya- repatriation and will continue their financial support.

In reply to a question, Kamal said that every political party is doing their programmes and the government never create obstacle and will not do.

But if any party creates barriers on the streets, damaged properties, set fire and took lives in the name of programmes then the law enforcers will take action, he said.