Universal Children’s Day-2022 observed in Tangail


Tangail Correspondent:

The World Concern (Bangladesh) observed the Universal Children’s Day-2022 on Sunday (20 November, 2022) at Momrej Golgonda Public High School under Jamuria Union in Ghatail of Tangail.

The day was observed with the theme “Inclusion, for every child” which refers to every child belonging to any society, community or nationality is entitled to equal rights.

It also emphasizes on the eradication of discrimination among children of various civilizations. Not only the general rights, but a global society welcomes and offers space to children of all types of skin tones. It aims to empower children to call for a better future and a more equal, inclusive world.

The World Concern brought out a procession that followed by a cultural program and discussion event.

Children, parents, civil society representatives, teachers, Government officials and local community people attended the event.

The event was organized under Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project.

Presiding over the event, Momrej Golgonda Public High School Headmaster Md. Abu Hanif said that children are the future steersman of the nation. So, we should ensure their rights in every stage.

Attending the event as the chief guest, Md. Sohidul Islam Khan Hestings, Chairman of Jamuria Union Parishad said that it is our duty to create safe environment & ensure their rights, protection, development & participation for our children.

Md. Abdul Monen, UP member of Jamuria Union Parishod was present as the special guest. He said in his speech that to take a step forward by making a peaceful world that should be more inclusive for our children and it will repel every prejudice.
One behalf of children, Riya Akter has shared her views. She said that we must educate to ensure our rights. We should also get in our rights from different sources.

Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer of EPJIA project facilitated the program. He said in his speech that Children participation & inclusion is must to promote and celebrate children’s rights that will build a better world for them.

World Concern staffs, civil society, CPC members & community leaders also attended this program & promise to ensure children’s rights of all types of skin tones at any cost.