Fresh gas reserves discovered in Beanibazar’s abandoned well


Fresh gas reserves have been discovered at an abandoned well in Beanibazar, Sylhet district.

Sylhet Gas Fields Ltd is hopeful of extracting seven to eight million cubic feet of gas and 100 barrels of condensate from the well daily, said sources.

Talking to reporters, Managing Director of Sylhet Gas Fields Engineer Md Shahinur Islam said the testing of Beanibazar-1 well started today and the presence of gas has been confirmed.

The test shows some 10 million cubic feet of gas flow at 3,100 pH pressure, he said, adding that testing in the well will continue for the next three days.

On September 10, the authorities of the field started workover on the well declared abandoned in 2016 after the extraction of 35 billion cubic feet of gas from 3,450 meters of depth.

A 3D seismic survey project has been taken for Beanibazar upazila, he said, adding that if the project is completed by 2023-24, plans to dig new wells will be taken up.

Of the abandoned gas wells under Sylhet Gas Fields, four wells — Kailashtila-2, Rashidpur-2, Rashidpur-5 and Haripur-7 — are planned for workover on a priority basis.

“The workover of these four wells is expected to begin by the end of 2023 . . . we are hopeful about fresh gas reserves in these wells,” said Rahman.