PM greets Rishi Sunak on becoming UK Prime Minister


Newsun Report – Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has congratulated new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak, MP.

In a letter wrote to her British counterpart, she said “I, on behalf of the Government and the people of Bangladesh, extend the heartiest congratulations to Your Excellency on your assumption of the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

“It makes me happy to see a young Briton of South Asian heritage of your credentials and dynamism in this top leadership position,” she said, adding, “I wish your excellence in serving the British people and promoting peace worldwide shall be a testament to your visionary leadership.”

Sheikh Hasina said, “Bangladesh and the United Kingdom enjoy historic relations deeply rooted in our shared values of democracy, secularism, and tolerance”.

“Over time our robust cooperation in trade, investment and sustainable development has grown from strength to strength,” she said, adding, “On top of everything, the more vibrant Bangladesh-British Diaspora in the UK serves as the common treasure for developing the two countries.”

The Prime Minister underscored that “This year, as we celebrate 50 years of friendship between our two Commonwealth nations, I look forward to working closely with Your Excellency in further strengthening our long-standing political, economic and strategic partnerships”.

She wished Rishi Sunak the best of health, happiness and success while rendering his high responsibility and peace, progress and prosperity for the people of the United Kingdom