Gender discrimination, sexual harassments are main barriers to social development: Experts


Ghatail, Tangail, 25 September 2022:
Government officials, NGO workers, social experts, at interaction workshop, marked that the gender discrimination and sexual harassments are becoming main barriers to social development in Bangladesh.

The workshop was arranged by World Concern Bangladesh on Sunday (25 September 2022) under Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project.

The objectives of the workshop were to identify the role of duty bearers for addressing gender discrimination, sexual harassments, human trafficking issues to ensure gender equity & equality and combat sexual human trafficking in society.

Md. Imran Hossain, Upazila Youth Development Officer of Ghatail, presided over the program attended by the chief guest Md. Masud Rana, Program Manager, Caritas Bangladesh Migration Project, Ghatail, Tangail; Miss Trishna Das, Program Organizer, BRAC Migration Program; Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer, Ensure Protection & Justice; and David Taposh Saha, Branch In-charge, Rural Micro-credit Program.

Md. Imran Hossain, Upazila Youth Development Officer of Ghatail presided over the program and said “Gender discrimination, sexual harassment, human trafficking are getting very common and serious issues in Bangladesh. Every day, women & girls’ children are suffering from gender discrimination, harassment, and sexual human trafficking. Most of our girl’s child don’t get opportunity to achieve higher education. They are often victim of early marriage. So, we should ensure gender equity & equality first.”

Md. Masud Rana, Program Manager of Caritas Bangladesh Migration project, said “There are large number of children, man & women being trafficked by brokers every day from our country. Most of them can’t reach their destination. They suffer a lot. They are also victim of violence, forcing & rape.”

He also urged all to go abroad through legal way.

Miss Trishna Das, Program Organizer of BRAC Migration Program, urged all to ensure gender equity and equality and follow the rules of migration.

Mr. James Sunny Bairagee, Program Officer of Ensure Protection & Justice through Integrated Approach (EPJIA) Project of World Concern, Ghatail, Tangail facilitated the program.

He said that poverty & lack of education are the main barriers of ensure gender equity & equality. He also said that there are two elements insist us to trafficking. They are Puss factor & pull factor. Many women & children are being sexually harassed for trafficking.

David Taposh Saha, Branch In-charge, Rural Micro-credit Program, said that “We should work together to reduce gender discrimination and sexual human trafficking.”

“By proper implementation & enforcing trafficking law, we can reduce gender discrimination, sexual harassments, and human trafficking from our country,” said the discussants from the Civil society, CPC & WC staffs at the event.