First Anniversary celebration of Banglayan Sabha held in Dhaka


DailyNewSun Report:
The literary organization ‘Banglayan Sabha‘, which has been in the news for quite some time now, has completed one year.
Their first anniversary was celebrated last Saturday, September 3, under the title ‘Obstacles and Paths to the Globalization of Bengali Language and Literature’ in the seminar hall of National Theater (Jatiya Nattyashala) of Shilpakala Academy.
Prominent essayist and political thinker Prof. Abul Kasem Fazlul Haque was the main speaker of the evening. Besides, Director General of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky and Director General of International Mother Language Institute Hakeem Arif were there as special guests.
The key speaker Abul Kasem Fazlul Haque said in his speech, “I call upon the government to establish a Bengal Development Board for the development and globalization of Bengali language. This state has been established based on the Bengali language, but now we have to borrow other languages to run the state, which is unfortunate.’’
Regarding the spread of the language, Liaquat Ali Lucky said, “We also need institutions like Allianz Française, Indira Gandhi Cultural Center, British Council for promoting our language”.
Hakeem Arif said, “Bangla language should be converted into an economic language.”
The event was presided over by Shams Sayed, spokesperson of Banglayan Sabha. Directed by poets Soumya Salek and Chameli Basu.
Poet Shanta Maria, Poet Aditya Nazrul, Poet Sakira Parveen, Poet Ashraf Jewel, Poet Senjuti Barua, Poet Snigdha Baul, Poet Bidhan Saha, Poet Azim Hiya, Poet Mamun Apu recited poems in the second part of the program.
‘Banglayan Barshiki’ has been published on the occasion of this first anniversary celebration. Various articles on language and literature are indexed here. Essays focusing on the Bengali language have indicated the origin-history-evolution of the language, language-planning, practical problems of the language and possible ways of transition.
The topic of the first meeting of the Banglayan Sabha was ‘Remembrance of the Bengali geniuses lost in the Covid-19 epidemic including poet Bulbul Chowdhury’ and the topic of the second meeting was ‘Obstacles and ways to overcome the use of Bengali language in higher education and high-courts’. The topic of the third meeting was ‘Glory of Modernity: Walter Benyamin and Kazi Nazrul Islam’.
This organization of art and culture, embodying the spirit of language movement and Ekush, started its journey on September 4, 2021. Spokesperson of the organization is poet Shams Saeed, editor poet Farooq Sumon and coordinator is Gazi Munchur Aziz. The organization is working towards the expansion of Bengali language and literature under the slogan ‘Bangla Vishwamoy’.