SSC Examinee takes life on Fb live


Our correspondent, Sarishabari, Jamalpur

An SSC examinee has taken his life on Face book live on Tuesday’s night for not to buy him a new bike.

The deceased, Hanif Palawan, 16, was supposed to set for SSC examination from Riaz Uddin High School, son of Saher Ali of Char Sarishabari village in Sarishabari Upazilla of the district.

OC Abdul Mojid (Investigation) said as quoting the family, Hanif demanded a new bike from his father but his father denied to buy him a bike for not having enough money in hand.

Tuesday’s night at 11am, he suddenly came on a Facebook live from his account, where he was seen to take attempts thrice time to hang himself.

Later he switched off the light and hung down from the ceiling fan, lamented his father, adding that he was collecting money for him to buy him a new bike.

Police recovered the body and handed over to his parents as there is no allegation over the incident, OC added.