Asad has double faces


Our correspondent, Jamalpur :
Mahammad Atif Asad is widely known for establishing Milon Smrity Pathagar at his residence in Jamalpur’s Sarishabari to commemorate his brother who was allegedly murdered in 2018.

Mohammad Atif Asad, son of Afzal Hossain of Hashra Majhalia village in Sarishabari’s Doail union, his family is commonly known for drug peddling.

Asad started collecting books in the middle of 2018 and established a little library with few books at his house in the name of his late brother Milon, said Asad’s mother.

Later, the locals made Asad stop from his activities because of allegedly connection with Jamat-Shibir and drug peddling, said a local man, adding that we knew his brother Milon was a drug peddler who was killed in a dispute with other drug peddlers while exchanging drugs. Milon was found dead with 150 pieces yaba tablets.

However, Asad’s activities were praiseworthy in the very beginning of his journey as he actually tried to enlighten the people by establishing several libraries in Sarishabari Upazila. But now his activities are questionable for his recent activities.

He established six libraries in different places of Sarishabari. It was a very good task indeed but now five of them have no existence as he did not take any care of them after the inauguration the libraries, said Samuel Alom Rezvee, a resident of Tarakandi.

People around the country know him as a good boy but we know what he is, he has an other sinister face under the artificial face, alleged Khalilul Rahman, adding that he has already built a new structure at home by extorting in the name of library and now all the library are at his drawing room.

In the beginning his purpose was well but gradually he has lost his purpose, now he is running after for his own interest, said Zakaria Jahangir, a writer and columnist.

In name of library establishing, he is busy only to be celebrity and earning money from different philanthropists, he alleged.

Asad confessed it in his facebook post that his brother was a drug peddler and he is also directly and indirectly involved in drug peddling.

On a recent visit to the places of his libraries in Sarishabari, our correspondent found only the signboard and no activities of his library.

Our correspondent found a rich collection of books at his so called library in his drawing room. He decorated his drawing room by collecting books from the different writers of the country in the name of several libraries.

UP chairman of Doial union, Abdur Razzak Swapon said, once I heard it but later I forgot to take information regarding it. First I will take his information, then I say about him.

Abdul Mazid, OC investigation of Sarishabari said, We will investigate his activities. We will take immediate action if we find any crime under the musk of welfare task.