Painting “Twin Stars’ depicts exact feature of ancient galaxies


The world has been attracted to some works of art for hundreds of years. There are many such patterns in the world. Such as “The Mona Lisa” portrait painting by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Painting “Twin Stars” by Sufi Artist Shaila Simi Nur

According to today’s news, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope took its first image which is the deepest image of the galaxy & revealed ancient galaxies. It has exactly the same feature of the painting “Twin Stars” by Sufi Artist Shaila Simi Nur. The painting was painted four years ago using acrylic and measures is 21/16 inches.

Creativity is the characteristic of the Creator that he expresses through his creation. Sufi artist Shaila Simi Nur is a British Bengali artist who funded the first Sufi hub in Bangladesh called Begum Gallery. She believes that there is nothing else but the Creator. Allah wanted to create so, He evolved & everything is part of him .

The first full-colour image released from the James Webb Space Telescope, which set off into orbit late last year, shows ‘galaxies once invisible to us’, US space agency says [NASA/ESA/CSA via AP Photo]

The paintings she made contain all the mysteries and facts of the world and cosmos. She said -“All of my life has been devoted to seeking God. I pray that, my words and artworks will spread light among all.”